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Office of Corporate Engagement Build Your brand on our campus
Connect with WSU to build your brand on campus and enjoy increased visibility among over 30,000 students and their families, and thousands of alumni and friends that visit WSU campuses every year. Having your name on campus will improve brand awareness among Washington and nationwide residents, and bolster campus recruiting efforts.

trademark information

Using WSU Trademarks & Logos:

Washington State University administers a trademark licensing program designed to provide manufacturers with the ability to create products featuring University logos and graphic marks, while also ensuring that the institution’s reputation, image, and brand identity are presented appropriately.

The Trademark Licensing Office:

Located in Pullman, this office coordinates and reviews requests to apply the University’s identity to products.

Revenues generated through the sales of licensed merchandise support Washington State University programs and services. Form more information, contact Alyce Anderson.

Selecting a licensed vendor ensures that the product created will match WSU’s brand standards: Find Licensed Vendors


let us help you

The Office of Corporate Engagement can help you:
  • Sponsor an event on campus
  • Support a student organization
  • Explore classroom, building, and other naming opportunities on campus
Promote Your Brand With WSU Athletics: 
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